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These briquettes commonly known as PINI-KAY heat logs are manufactured from pure hardwood sawdust (oak and hornbeam) using high pressure and extreme heat.

It is a very dense and dry product that generates a lot of heat and does not expand when burnt.

Ideal for: wood burning stoves, open fires, BBQ and pizza ovens.

No dust, easy storage, minimum ash and plenty of clean heat - that is what you need!


- 12 logs in a pack or 10 kg.

- 960 packs on a pallet or 960 kg.

We are wholesalers and deliver by sea containers only! A container load is nearly 25 tonnes.

Price - £180 per pallet + VAT delivered to the Yorkshire and Lancashire areas. In fact we can deliver to any UK address just need to know your location to prepare a quote for you. Please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!

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