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Oak garden furniture

Oak is a hardwood light brown in colour with beautiful grain markings. Because of its high tannin content oak is very resistant to insect and fungal attack. Nevertheless the regular care will extend life of the furniture and helps keep it healthy and good looking.

 There are loads of information on the internet on how to treat and look after wooden garden furniture, however in this page we would like to explain what sort of coating and why we use to protect our products.

All of our oak furniture is protected using 100% natural Tung oil. Tung oil, also known as China wood oil, is a natural oil derived from cold pressing the nuts of the Chinese tung tree. This natural, renewable wood finish is not a new product and has been used for centuries in China to waterproof and protect wooden boats and structures. The name "tung" is the Chinese word for "heart" and refers to the heart-shaped leaves of the tree.

Pure tung oil has long been favored by woodworkers because it:

- maintains its elasticity so it moves with the wood as it adjusts to the changing seasons

- penetrates deeply into even  the most dense wood to enhance its natural beauty and character

- provides natural water-resistance (when properly applied, water will bead up on the surface)

- dries faster than linseed oil

- does not darken with age as much as linseed oil

- has a pleasant, light nutty odour


It is very easy to work with and maintain. Most of the knocks, scratches and stains from spillages can be removed by gently sanding affected area and re-applying more Tung oil using quality brush or just simply rub on using soft cotton rug, this will blend in with original finish to produce an almost invisible repair.

As an annual maintenance we recommend to re-apply the furniture fully twice a year.

Also regularly sponging the furniture clean will pay dividends as removing small amounts of fresh dirt is so much easier than letting it build up.

 Willow wicker furniture and basketware

Our wicker furniture is made exclusively from willow switches that were stripped of its bark without boiling to leave white colour. As a natural process white willow will buff slightly with the time and that is absolutely normal. Some switches are dyed in different colours by traditional methods, using only natural materials to give a colour contrast.

As the bark gives a natural protection, our willow wicker products can only be used indoors!!  Absolutely no maintenance is needed only to hoower build up dust now and again if necessary.

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