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Bio Fuel

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The official estimates show rapidly growing market for Wood Fuel in the UK. The number of homes, businesses and organisations that use renewable fuel increases every year as people realise its huge advantage to fossil fuel. Local authorities encourage the use of sources of green energy by implementing new large and medium-scale developments which in turn drives demand even higher.

The use of wood for fuel is not so straightforward how it looks at first and in most cases the wood should be prepared properly to be suitable for conventional heating appliances such as modern efficient stoves. The most important requirement is moisture content of wood fuel. It takes at least a year for wood to dry naturally for it to become suitable to use for this purpose and give you a desirable efficiency. It is evident now that the supply of quality wood fuel can not always keep up with the pace of growing demand what, unfortunately, influence for lower quality wood fuel to appear on the market.


Another form of Bio Fuel is becomming increasingly popular - Pellet Fuel. It can be made using various kinds of biomass compressed into the compact and very dense particles - pellets. We are proud to be able to offer you Straw Pellets. Please click on the relevant link at the bottom of page to be directed straight on to the straw pellet page.

If you are a trading business or a big-scale user of wood fuel who is interested to have a reliable supplier of high quality wood fuel on regular basis, please get in touch with us. Unfortunately, currently we have no facilities for small local deliveries and can offer you  wholesale shipments only.

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Hardwood Heat Logs;

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 Straw Pellets; 

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